August 13th, 2007


PoT: Up to Me

This was originally supposed to be my subrosa_tennis entry, but as I got futher I realised that if one were to make comparisons, it'd be rather clear that the style, pairing and fanon are mine. Therefore, as my second attempt reached 4,000 words in one night, I decided to make this one into an ordinary fic.

Title: Up to Me
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings: Implied AkuDan
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Summary: As the next year comes around, Dan struggles to earn his place in the tennis team. Fortunately, he's not entirely alone.
A/N: Because Dan deserves more love, not that anybody's going to read this. And have I ever mentioned I suck at writing long fics? >.>

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PoT: Empire of Earth

Title: Empire of Earth
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings: Golden Pair, AkuDan, TakaFuji
Rating: PG
Summary: Japan no more exist as anything but a region under the rule of Emperor Akutsu, the Golden Pair is taking over the tennis world, and Fuji is happy.
A/N: Just a little cracklet born from a conversation suggesting that Akutsu, when extremely bored, would decide to pass the time by conquering the world.

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